Reverse Order performs at L-C Middle School
Date: 11/13/2014 Album ID: 1869624
The pop/rock band Reverse Order performs at Lynchburg-Clay Middle School during their Reverse the Trend tour.
Reverse Order guitarist Drew Katsock is pictured with the Lynchburg-Clay Middle School audience.
Reverse Order drummer/singer Cruise Russo is pictured.
Pictured are Reverse Order guitarist Drew Katsock and singer/guitarist John Russo. In the background, Lynchburg-Clay Middle School teachers watch the performance.
Reverse Order band members Cruise Russo, Drew Katsock, and John Russo explain the anti-bullying acronym PARTTY to Lynchburg-Clay Middle School students.
Above is Reverse Order guitarist Drew Katsock.
Reverse Order guitarist/singer John Russo is pictured.